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Products and services

In addition to following products and delivery overview, Tantronic also offers a comprehensive range of additional units and services:

  • emergency power supplies
  • permanently fixed or portable detectors for more than 100 gases
  • data storage units, continuous-line recorders and matrix printers
  • calibration gases and calibration sets
  • maintenance, servicing and training
  • assembly and commissioning
  • acoustic and optical sensors
  • planning and project work

Planning and project work

Ensuring that a gas detection system operates correctly and reliably starts right at the planning and project stage. Our technical service is always to hand with advice to make sure that the right sensors are used and are correctly positioned, to check that the alarm is configured in a meaningful and functional manner and that the system can be expanded at a later date, and also to make sure that other aspects of the system are suitably adapted to the location in question.



Customised manuals and system documentation

We naturally compile comprehensive system documentation for the gas detection systems that we install. We are able to supply big customers with all-in systems, including customised multi-lingual manuals for the assembly, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of our measuring and detection systems, where required.