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Since its founding, Tantronic arises always the demanding challenge of assuming responsibility for human lives and the environment. This is not a easy challenge. It requires both maximum performance on the part of each and every employee and a constant high quality level, based on the latest technological findings, so as to provide the greatest possible degree of protection. From the beginning, Tantronic has taken on the challenge of being a reliable guarantor for environmental protection and occupational safety.

Tantronic is a recognised company within its sector and is firmly established on the market. Tantronic gas detection systems provide protection against a large number of toxic and explosive gases on industrial premises and inside buildings and are available as either permanently-fixed or portable systems and units. The company has made itself a name as a capable and reliable partner in the field of industrial measuring technology.

This holds particularly true for gas measurement and analysis technology, where special solutions have been worked out in cooperation with eminent major companies operating worldwide, making it possible to conduct measurements under difficult conditions or in special fields. Tantronic equipment is to be found in the power-station sector, the steel industry, the medical field, the chemical industry, tunnel monitoring and domestic heating technology as well as in a large number of other industrial, commercial and public facilities where explosive and toxic gases and vapours need to be measured.

Tantronic is a modern, self-assured and future oriented company which sets store by the very latest technologies and is engaged in its own developments in the field of non-dispersive infrared measurement [NDIR]. A highly qualified team conducts demanding development work on the basis of the latest scientific findings. The company’s close contact with universities, institutes and the supplier industry creates a platform for further pioneering developments. Tantronic thus views itself as a link between component suppliers and final users. By using the latest computer systems both in its development work and for the production of its new SMD [surface-mounted device] technology, Tantronic creates the basis for a reliable, state-of-the-art design for its units. The company’s product range is divided up into permanently-fixed gas detection or analysis systems and portable gas detectors.