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Tanguard WA 2016net

Tanguard WA (wall mounting)  2016net is a state of the art, microcomputer based gas detection unit for monitoring and issuing warnings about toxic and explosive gases and vapours for up to eight measuring points. The Tanguard WA 2016net is connected to the sensors via a screened cable and evaluates the individual measured data from up to eight sensors independently of each other.

The control software monitors the power supply to the sensors and issues immediate notification if any malfunctions occur. We supply about 100 different sensor variants, some of which are certified for use in explosive atmospheres, for the measurement of explosive and toxic gas/air mixtures.

Three alarm thresholds can be freely set for each sensor. If an alarm threshold is exceeded, the Tanguard WA 2016net warns the user with an alarm on the readily-comprehensible display. At the same time, six potential-free contacts are available for triggering external alarms, such as signal lamps or ventilation controls. The Tanguard WA 2016net is noted for flexibility and the large number of substances it can be used to measure.

Technical data:
Type of device:               Tanguard WA 2016net
Power supply:                 230 V AC
Power consumtion:          Normal mode 30W (max. 45 W)
IP Rating:                       IP67
Operating temperature:   0 to 45°C
Analog output:                * 8 x 0-20mA/4-20mA/0-100mV (max. 10V)
Alarm output:                 * 8 x 1A 230V resiliert
                                     1 Logic signal for calibration mode 
                                     1 Logic signal for calibration status
                                     1 Logic signal for maintenance alarm
Network:                        TCP/IP RS232C CAN Bus (in preparation)
Remote control:              with TCP/IP
Data pick out:                 with FTP
Event recorder:               for max. 4000 events
Temperature recorder:     for max. 4000 events
TCP/IP:                           RJ45
Remote control:               with Web Interface
Dimensions::                   296 x 256 x 125 mm
Gewicht:                         2.8 kg

* Maximum possible configuration

Item number:               00-95-35110-B

Tanguard WA 2016net