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Tangas Flow 2016net

NDIR-Analyser Tangas Flow 2016net for explosive Gas with 1-measuring point

Analyser for the measurement of explosive gas with pump by-pass process. Indication of the gas concentration and the alarm status. The activation of the integrated solenoid valve block for the automatic zero point and/or sensitivity calibration. The system can be adapted to all customized requirements simply with the password protected menu structure. The configuration of the alarm organization is very simply realized with the integrated alarm matrix.

Technical specifications:
Type of device:               Tangas Flow 2016net
Power supply:                24V DC
Power consumption:        25W
Operating temperature:   -20°C to +50°C (short time 60°C)
Analog output:               1 x 4-20 mA (max. 250 ohms)  
Digital output:                4 Logic signal for Alarm 1-4
                                     1 Logic signal for sensor fault
                                     1 Logic signal for calibration mode *
                                     1 Logic signal for calibration status
                                     1 Logic signal for maintenance alarm
Network:                        TCP/IP RS232C CAN Bus (in preparation)
Remote control:              with TCP/IP
Data pick out:                 with FTP
Event recorder:               for max. 4000 events
Temperature recorder:     for max. 4000 events
* Note dew point of sampling

Technical data IR-Sensor:
Gas:                             Methan CH4
Measuring procedure:     ND-Infrared Detector
Measuring range:           0-100% LEL (0-5 Vol.%)
Reaction time (T90):      < 10 sec.
Accuracy:                      +- 2% FS
Stability:                       < +- 2%/month
Zero-Drift:                     < +- 1%/month
Humidity relativ:             99% H.rel.
Warm up time:               1 h
Electrical connections:
Power supply and
data interface:                14 pole Plug
TCP/IP:                          RJ45
Remote control:              with Web Interface

Pneumatic connections:    
Push plug-in:                 2 x 6 mm

Type of device:              Wall mounting unit Aluminum
Painting:                       Powder coating RAL 7035/5002
IP Rating:                     IP65
Dimensions:                  175 x 135 x 300 mm
Weight:                         3.5 kg

Item number:               00-90-35000-A

PDF Data Sheet Tangas Flow HT 2016net