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Solenoid Valve Block

Solenoid Valve Block for sampling of EX ZONE (ATEX / IEC Ex / UL / GOST-R)

The solenoid valve block switches over to the sample metering point and is suitable for the EX domain at EX zone II. The block is supplied with two separate chambers. For this reason, the gas sample can be taken independently and simultaneously could be pre sucked the next sampling point at a sampling site.

Technical data:
Type:                                 Solenoid Valve Block EX (ATEX / IEC Ex / UL / GOST-R)
Number of Valves:              6
Power supply:                     24V DC
Power consumption:           38.4W (2 valve works simultaneously)
Current:                             max. 0.8A / valve
Operating temperature:      -20°C to +60°C
IP Rating:                          IP65 Valves  IP 66 Junction Box
ATEX:                                II 2G Ex e II T6 (Junction Box)
                                         II 2G Ex m II T4 (Ventile)
IEC Ex:                              II 2G ExtD A21 (Junction Box PTB 08.0006)
                                         II 2G ExtD A21  (Valves PTB 07.0021X)
UL-LISTED:                         CSA/FM-EX DIV 2
Russia:                               GOST-R and RTN certificated
Dimension 6 valves:            540 x 380 x 120 mm
Weight  6 valves:                12 kg
Dimension 12 / 14 valves:   760 x 380 x 120 mm
Weight  12 / 14 valves:       15 kg
Frames material:                Stainless steel 2.0 mm
Pipe connections:                3/8 inch or 10 mm

Item number:        00-65-34489-B-EX for 3/8 inch connections, 6 measuring points
Item number:        00-65-34510-B-EX for 10 mm connections, 6 measuring points
Item number:        00-65-33260-B-EX for 3/8 inch connections, 12 measuring points
Item number:        00-65-34419-B-EX for 10 mm connections, 12 measuring points
Item number:        00-65-31357-B-EX for 3/8 inch connections, 14 measuring points
Item number:        00-65-34446-B-EX for 10 mm connections, 14 measuring points
Item number:        00-65-31411-A-EX for UL, 3/8 inch connections, 12 measuring points
Item number
:        00-65-31408-A-EX for UL, 3/8 inch connections, 14 measuring points

PDF Data Sheet Solenoid Valve Block