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Presuction Pump Block Typ II

Pre-suction Pump Block for the sampling from the EX ZONE II

The gas warning Unit Analys 2000 and 2016net with the sector valve block and the presuction pump block is a modular developed stationary gas warning system. The measured gas will be lighting by a pump and supplied via the solenoid valves, gas inlet pipes fed to the gas sensor. To obtain for the shortest possible cycle time, will be every position of the suction process before sample drawing pre sucked with a second pump. A valve block switches cyclic from the pre suck to the sample drawing and actuates the calibration.

Technical data:
Type of device:                          Pre-suction Pump Block
Power supply:                            24V DC
Power consumption:                   70W
Operating temperature:              -20- to +60°C (with active ventilation)
IP Rating:                                  IP43
Dimension:                                600 x 225 x 500 mm
Weight:                                     14.7 kg
Material:                                    Stainless Steel 2.0 mm
Connections:                              Swagelok connections 3/8 inch or 10 mm
to the Panel:                              PA hose 8 mm (outside calibrated)
Cal. Gas:                                   PA hose 6 mm (outside calibrated)

Type:                                        Double chamber diaphragm pumps
Current:                                     app. 2x1.0A
Max. flowrate:                            10L/min. (unloaded)

Type:                                        2/3-Way Valves
Current:                                     app. 0.3A

Air capacity:                              66m³/h
Current:                                     app. 2 x 0.15A

Polyglas Filter
Particle separation from gases and liquids without fiber abrasion.
Material:                                   1. Filter layer (Micro glass fiber)
                                                2. Filter layer  (PE sintered)
                                                End caps PA - GF 15
Filtration performance:               75 to 99,9998 %
Air flow:                                    0,9 m³/h (0,2 m/s air)
Differential pressure:                  max. 0.5 bar

Flame barrier
Material:                                    Brass / Stainless Steel
Pressure:                                   max. 1.1 bar
Connections:                              G 1/4''
Suitable for the following media:  Explosion group II A
ATEX:                                        PTB 99 ATEX 4022x ex IIG
Standard:                                  DIN 12874 EN 60079-14

Item number:                           00-67-35310-C-EX for 3/8 inch connections
Item number:                           00-67-34418-C-EX for 10mm connections

PDF Data Sheet Presuction Pump Block Typ II