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Our Company has relocated as below:
Tantronic AG, Gewerbering 12, CH - 5610 Wohlen, Switzerland.

Using the latest computer systems for the development and manufacturing of cutting edge SMD technology (Surface Mounted Devices) is the basis for safe and modern device design. The product range includes stationary gas warning systems, analyzer systems and portable gas detection devices.

These units are employed in a wide range of sectors and fields of application, including for primary explosion protection, for monitoring air to detect combustible gases and vapours at around the lower explosive limit [LEL], and for gas concentration measurements of up to 100% by volume. They are employed for the detection of toxic gases to ensure that maximum permitted threshold limit value (TLV) concentrations are not exceeded.

The range of portable equipment includes hand-held detectors providing direct personal protection against gas explosions, gas detection units based on the latest microprocessor technology to provide protection against a large number of toxic gases, and gas leak detectors for locating leaks of combustible gases on dry-cleaning plants, for example, or for pinpointing coolant leaks on refrigeration units.

Tantronic’s permanently-fixed units offer the latest microprocessor-controlled evaluation units and sensors, with different types of measuring systems for on-the-spot gas measurements, as well as suction-type analysis systems for process monitoring and special applications.

Tantronic provides active and reliable support for its customers, starting with initial advice and the design of a customised system and proceeding, via system installation, right through to regular servicing.

Systems and units will only provide the protection expected of them if they deliver an  optimum performance on a permanent basis. Reliability, technical competence and a high flexibility are the hallmarks of Tantronic’s service. To ensure that our systems and units are easy to handle, we can compile customised operating manuals in all the different languages, draw up training documents and train operating staff directly on the system or unit concerned. We are available at short notice worldwide.